I'm equal parts thinker and do-er, having worked on both strategy for and execution of partnerships and programs for good.

My approach to change-making is grounded in pragmatic idealism: I have firmly-held ideas about what the world should look like, but work in the realm of what's possible—in the near-term and given any resource or cultural constraints.

Here are a few examples of initiatives I am glad to have contributed to (my resume, available on request, has a more comprehensive list):

  • Away x Peace Direct: Partnership between travel brand Away and nonprofit Peace Direct that leverages the strengths and expertise of the Away team to raise the profile of Peace Direct. (Press: Forbes, Huffington Post, The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

  • UpEffect Impact Assesments: Reports evaluating achieved impact (and potential for future impact) for social enterprises that have raised money via the UpEffect crowdfunding and support platform.

  • Sephora Accelerate: Program that supports female entrepreneurs and aims to build an ecosystem or more than 50 women-led beauty businesses with a social impact by 2020. (Press: FastCompany)

  • North Carolina Traffic Stop Research: Statistical research project focused on disparities in how racial groups are treated by the police that prompted a wave of reforms across the state of North Carolina (Press: The New York Times (1) (2); Book: Suspect Citizens)