I am equal parts thinker and do-er with experience building and managing a wide variety of programs for good, including:

My approach to change-making leverages an organisation's unique strengths for good and is grounded in pragmatic idealism—I think big but work within the realm of what's possible in the near-term.

With key skillsets in research, strategy, communications, program/project management and stakeholder engagement, I can help you answer questions like:

  • What are the "low-hanging" opportunities to make an impact at my organisation?

  • Which social or environmental issues should my business prioritise?

  • Who should we partner with to create a meaningful impact?

  • How can we better integrate impact into our business model?

  • How do we thoughtfully communicate our impact to key stakeholders (employees, customers, investors, and the wider public)?

I've worked in-house at brands like Away, Sephora, AllSaints, and Gundi Studios as well as with consultancies Good Business and Reconsidered. I am currently open to new opportunities (freelance or full-time) so if you're building something exciting and want to explore its potential to drive positive change, I would love to hear from you!